For Immediate Release:                                                                             Thursday October 22, 2015

Immediate & direct reporting to 911 law is critical to protect and save lives of 1,000,000 people with disabilities in NYS. The discrimination against our most vulnerable must end.

The “Walking Tall for Justice” Statewide tour will be in Rochester today. Countless innocent children and adults in NYS run or privately sub-contracted facilities are being denied the same privileges to 911 emergency first responder medical and police services when they are victims of physical and sexual assault crimes, as well as when they are in medical distress. These same individuals’ civil rights are being directly violated because they are being denied “equal protections of laws”. This statewide tour is about stopping these injustices, saving lives and informing mandated reporters and all people across our State to first immediately and directly call 911 and also call the Disability Rights Project (DRP) hotline as well @ 1-888-830-8182

The rampant abuse and neglect happening to countless innocent and extremely vulnerable children and adults must be stopped. The cover-ups must be stopped. The discrimination against 1,000,000 New Yorkers with disabilities and/or mental illness of denying them equal rights, privileges and equal protections of laws must be stopped.

Over 7,000 calls are going into the State abuse hotline for people with disabilities every month of which 11-12 are deaths on average every single day. We have an absolute crisis on our hands. The direct result from grossly negligent practices is many people are be severely injured or dying prematurely in these facilities and group homes all across our State.

In many cases it is absolutely a matter “life or death” and what happened and did not happen surrounding the death of Jonathan Carey, a 13 year old child with autism that was killed by his caregivers is a witness to this fact.

“The OPWDD has not yet taken action to save lives or to end this horrible discrimination. Our hope is that they will swiftly do so as we shine the light on this gross injustice statewide.  It is critical that mandated reporters are required by law to call 911 immediately and directly –not the State which runs and licenses these extremely dangerous and deadly facilities- there cannot be a greater conflict of interest.”

Emergency 911 bill S.6010/A.8307 must be signed into law swiftly to end the discrimination and save lives.

This bill has the full support from the New York State Association of Counties (see attached letter)

“As I travel statewide to inform government officials, families of people with disabilities and the general public of the horrific facts; of the extreme dangers, the rampant abuse and neglect occurring, of the cover-ups and the discrimination in both State run and private facilities and group homes (see documents attached) the State Justice Center which runs the abuse hotline is attempting to spin or deceive families and the general public to undermine what we are doing to save lives. The State documents and the staggering numbers released by the Justice Center themselves through FOIL reveals the truth and indicts them of the massive cover-ups they are involved in. The facts are the facts says Michael Carey- Jonathans dad”.

The Jonathan Carey Foundation (JCF) and the Disability Rights Project (DRP) have teamed up to shine the light on very ugly things happening behind closed doors and the magnitude of cover-ups occurring by the State abuse hotline called the “Justice Center”. “The State is taking in massive reports of crimes happening in their own facilities claiming that they “thoroughly investigate them” which is not true. There cannot be a greater conflict of interest of self reporting and self investigating and the vast majority of reported complaints are disappearing internally, just like what Governor Cuomo claimed was happening on College Campuses regarding sexual assaults. The “Justice Center” abuse hotline was set up to cover -up and is primarily “a call center” and “a whitewash entity” to protect the State from justified lawsuits for their negligence. The vast majority of crimes are being directed to be reported to the State – not to 911. Most criminal matters are then internally investigated only by the provider agencies themselves- not the local police or the Justice Center as they publicly claim. State documents reveal that out of 71,000 calls in less than 11 months to the Justice Center, they investigated only 1,401. This State agency was recently renamed from the Commission on Quality of Care (CQC) to the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs after the scathing NY Times award winning “Abused & Used” investigative reporting series. This State agency has decades of history of NOT investigating most; reported physical and sexual abuse cases, neglect cases, rapes and suspicious or untimely deaths and keeping them from being reported to local police and District Attorneys to be properly criminally investigated and prosecuted. These practices protect the State and the perpetrators –not people with disabilities, also says Michael Carey the proud father of Jonathan Carey.”

Press Conference: Today @1:00 in front of Rochester City Hall

For more information: (518) 852-9377

Every Second Counts – It’s important to act immediately… Call 911

For Justice also call us anytime day or night…

DRP hotline 1-888-830-8182*

JCF hotline – call (518) 475-7500

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