The Disabled Rights Project – A solution to a problem that can no longer be ignored. 

The Disability Rights Project (DRP) has been founded because NY State has failed in its duty to protect the health, safety, and dignity of disabled individuals in state-funded care. Though its various agencies receive tens of thousands of reports of incidents involving injury, neglect, abuse, and death, too many of the claims fail to lead to an investigation, prosecution, arrest, or the firing of questionable or even abusive caregivers.

Families of those in care are too often left with no available redress for persistent abuse and mistreatment of their loved ones-and state appointed oversight bodies, funded by the state itself, are not aggressive at holding those who mistreat the disabled accountable for their actions.

The sad case of Rasheen Rose is all too typical. Rasheen’s death underscored just how inadequate the reforms have been; the staff at the state run facility where he was assaulted and killed, had a history of abuse of those in its care. In addition, supervisors were aware of these chronic instances of abuse that directly led to the death of Rasheen, and routinely failed to reprimand, discipline, or terminate abusive staff.
Huffington Post 5/28/14

As a result of its abuse of Rasheen Rose, NY State was forced to settle with Mr. Rose’s family and pay them over $2million dollars for the death of this defenseless disabled man in state custody. DRP wants to help other families avoid the horrors that were visited upon Rasheen by establishing an aggressive early warning system that families can turn to if they even suspect that their disabled loved ones are being abused.  – CBS New York 5/26/15

That is why DRP has set up this website and a hotline number to contact if you suspect that your son or daughter, sister or brother, is being mistreated in a state run facility for the developmentally disabled. As family with close ties to those in state care, you are the ones who know before anyone else if something untoward is happening to a loved one. Newly erratic behavior, bruises, sullenness when before your family member was generally cheerful, may all be signs that something is amiss in the care being given.

As soon as you see any of these signs, it is imperative that you contact us immediately. It may turn out to be nothing-something that is benign and easily explainable-but, on the other hand, it may be something that threatens the health and well being of your loved one.

The simple advice: Don’t take the chance. Contact us and we will investigate the matter thoroughly, and if necessary, initiate the appropriate administrative or legal action to insure that safety for your family member is insured.

Rasheen Rose died because persistent abuse went unreported and unpunished. Remember too, that no amount of monetary damage awarded can replace your loved one. Act before things become critical and intervention is too late.

Call our Hotline Number at 1-888-830-8182