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justice for allThe Disability Rights Project was created to address the needs of individuals with special needs and their families who have been subjected to improper treatment at the hands of their caregivers.   We are protecting the rights of individuals like your loved ones every day.

In New York State, the Justice Center was created to investigate and protect the rights of people with disabilities.  Unfortunately, with more than 70,000 reported incidents involving injury, neglect, abuse and death, the Center was only able to investigate 1,400 cases.  The Center is clearly not able to meet the needs of the community and adequately address the system wide problems that individuals with disabilities face each day at the hands of their caregivers.   Families of those receiving care are rightfully concerned and doubt the extent of the Center’s effectiveness.

The Disability Rights Project is here to help.  Through the collective efforts of civil rights attorneys, disability advocates, social workers, political activists and private investigators, we work to ensure that your loved ones who are among the most vulnerable in our communities are getting the appropriate care they deserve.   Reports of suspected maltreatment are thoroughly reviewed and assessed with professionalism, personal attention and compassion, by a team who is familiar with the disability community and equally familiar with the system that these individuals and families have to navigate.

At the Disability Rights Project, we strive to make a difference, and we will not settle for less than what each disabled person – your loved one and the more than 1 million others – needs and deserves.  While every allegation of abuse and neglect should always be reported to the Justice Center, statistical data obtained through FOIL requests clearly show that the Center is not adequately meeting the needs of the community in addressing these allegations.   Families should ensure that someone is on their side in getting to the truth and that those individuals responsible for the abuse are held accountable for their actions, and not able to inflict harm to anyone else who is not able to advocate for themselves.  At the Disability Rights Project, we work with individuals and families every day to do just that, ensure that these individuals’ rights are protected.

Of 70,000 Reports of Abuse,

NY Justice Center Investigated 1,400.

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